• Toute l'économie de l'opulente cité de Tevanne repose sur une puissante magie : l'enluminure. A l'aide de sceaux complexes, les maîtres enlumineurs donnent aux objets des pouvoirs insoupçonnés et contournent les lois de la physique.
    Sancia Grado est une jeune voleuse qui a le don de revivre le passé des objets et d'écouter chuchoter leurs enluminures. Engagée par une des grandes familles de la cité pour dérober une étrange clé dans un entrepôt sous très haute surveillance, elle ignore que cet artefact a le pouvoir de changer l'enluminure à jamais. Quiconque entrerait en sa possession pourrait mettre Tevanne à genoux. Poursuivie par un adversaire implacable, Sancia n'aura d'autre choix que de se trouver des alliés.

  • Veillée par une lune rose, Wink, au Nouveau-Mexique, est une petite ville idéale. À un détail près : elle ne figure sur aucune carte. Après deux ans d'errance, Mona Bright, ex-flic, vient d'y hériter de la maison de sa mère, qui s'est suicidée trente ans plus tôt. Très vite, Mona s'attache au calme des rues, aux jolis pavillons, aux habitants qui semblent encore vivre dans l'utopique douceur des années cinquante. Pourtant, au fil de ses rencontres et de son enquête sur le passé de sa mère et les circonstances de sa mort, Mona doit se rendre à l'évidence : une menace plane sur Wink et ses étranges habitants.
    Sera-t-elle vraiment de taille à affronter les forces occultes à l'oeuvre dans ce lieu hors d'Amérique ?

  • Vigilance

    Robert Jackson Bennett

    Trois tireurs armés jusqu'aux dents lâchés dans un « environnement » public aléatoire délimité. Un but : abattre le plus de personnes possible. Une promesse : un énorme paquet de fric pour celui qui quitte les lieux indemne. Si l'une des « cibles » met hors d'état de nuire l'un des tireurs et survit, une part du pactole lui échoit. Des règles simplissimes, et des dizaines de drones qui filment le tout pour le plus grand bonheur de millions de spectateurs hystérisés, d'annonceurs aux anges et de John McDean, producteur et chef d'orchestre de Vigilance, le show TV qui a résolu le problème des tueries de masses aux États-Unis...
    « Si l'Amérique ne fabrique plus grand-chose, elle produit à coup sûr quantité d'enfants morts : abattus à l'école, chez eux, sur les terrains de jeux ; abattus par des flics, par eux-mêmes, par leurs parents, par d'autres enfants... Des tas et des tas de petits corps angéliques, tous perforés par des balles, tous immobiles, froids, parfaits. »

  • Take a healthy slug of Scott Lynch's @18@The Lies of Locke Lamora@19@, add in the whip-smart dialogue of Jay Kristoff's @18@Nevernight @19@and sprinkle it with just a dash of China Mieville . . . @20@Robert Jackson Bennett has given us a cracking adventure . . . Very highly recommended@21@

  • A trolley car pulls into the station with eleven dead bodies inside. Four minutes before, the factory workers were seen boarding at the previous station. Now, all are dead. And all of them are union.

    The year is 1919. The McNaughton Corporation is the pinnacle of American industry. They built airships that crossed the seas. Guns that won the Great War. And above all, they built Evesden: the city of tomorrow, dominated by the immense McNaughton Tower. But something is rotten at the heart of Evesden and one man must uncover its dark secret before it all goes up in flames.

    Caught between the union and the company, between the police and the victims, McNaughton investigator Cyril Hayes must find the truth behind the city of the future. Because if he doesn´t . . . he´s history.

  • George Carole ran away from home to join the Vaudeville circuit. Sixteen years old, uncommonly gifted at the piano, he falls in with a strange troupe - even for Vaudeville.

    Under the watchful eye of the enigmatic figure of Silenus, George comes to realise that the members of the troupe are more than they appear to be. And their travels have a purpose that runs deeper than entertainment.

    George must uncover the mysteries of Silenus's company before it is too late. He is already entangled in their web of secrets and, if he doesn't learn where they are taking him, he may never find his way out.

  • It is the time of the Great Depression. The dustbowl has turned the western skies red and thousands leave their homes seeking a better life.

    Marcus Connelly seeks not a life, but a death - a death for the mysterious scarred man who murdered his daughter. And soon he learns that he is not alone. Countless others have lost someone to the scarred man. They band together to track him, but as they get closer, Connelly begins to suspect that the man they are hunting is more than human.

    It is said that he who hunts monsters should take care lest he thereby become a monster, and as the chase becomes increasingly desperate, the scarred man's pursuers are forced to choose between what is right and what is necessary.

    Having come so far and lost so much, Connelly must decide just how much more he is willing to sacrifice to have his revenge.

  • The city of Voortyashtan was once the home of the goddess of death, war and destruction, but now it's little more than a ruin. General Turyin Mulaghesh is called out of retirement and sent to this hellish place to find a Saypuri secret agent who's gone AWOL in the middle of a mission. But the ghosts of past wars have followed her there, and soon she begins towonder what happened to the souls in the afterlife when the gods were defeated by her people, the Polis. Do the dead sleep soundly in the land of death? Or do they have plans of their own?

  • A triumphant return to the world of City of Stairs. A generation ago, the city of Voortyashtan was the stronghold of the god of war and death, the birthplace of fearsome supernatural sentinels who killed and subjugated millions. Now, the city’s god is dead. The city itself lies in ruins. And to its new military occupiers, the once-powerful capital is a wasteland of sectarian violence and bloody uprisings. So it makes perfect sense that General Turyin Mulaghesh-- foul-mouthed hero of the battle of Bulikov, rumored war criminal, ally of an embattled Prime Minister--has been exiled there to count down the days until she can draw her pension and be forgotten. At least, it makes the perfect cover story. The truth is that the general has been pressed into service one last time, dispatched to investigate a discovery with the potential to change the world--or destroy it. The trouble is that this old soldier isn't sure she's still got what it takes to be the hero.

  • Sigrud je Harkvaldsson is back, and this time he's out for vengeance.'A stunning and heartbreaking tale of sacrifice amid magic and spycraft' - Publishers Weekly, starredThe awesome climax to the fantasy thrillers City of Stairs and City of Blades: perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman, Brent Weeks and China Miéville. Shara Komayd, once Prime Minister of Saypur, has been assassinated. News travels fast and far, even to a remote logging town somewhere northwest of Bulikov, where the silent, shaven-headed Dreyling worker 'Bjorn' picks up the newspaper and walks out. He is shocked and grieved and furious; he's been waiting thirteen years for Shara, his closest friend, to reach out to him - to tell him to come home. He's always believed she was running a long operation, that there would be a role for him at the right time. Now he has no one else in his life, and nothing to live for - except to find the people who did this.Sigrud wasn't there for the death of his daughter Signe, and he wasn't there when Shara was murdered. Now Bjorn is dead and Sigrud is back. And he will find answers, for Shara, and for himself. He's made a promise . . .

  • An atmospheric and intrigue-filled novel of dead gods, buried histories, and a mysterious, protean city--from one of America's most acclaimed young fantasy writers.
    The city of Bulikov once wielded the powers of the gods to conquer the world, enslaving and brutalizing millions--until its divine protectors were killed. Now Bulikov has become just another colonial outpost of the world's new geopolitical power, but the surreal landscape of the city itself--first shaped, now shattered, by the thousands of miracles its guardians once worked upon it--stands as a constant, haunting reminder of its former supremacy.
    Into this broken city steps Shara Thivani. Officially, the unassuming young woman is just another junior diplomat sent by Bulikov's oppressors. Unofficially, she is one of her country's most accomplished spies, dispatched to catch a murderer. But as Shara pursues the killer, she starts to suspect that the beings who ruled this terrible place may not be as dead as they seem--and that Bulikov's cruel reign may not yet be over.

  • You've got to be careful when you're chasing a murderer through Bulikov, forthe world is not as it should be in that city.When the gods were destroyed and all worship of them banned by the Polis, reality folded; now stairs lead to nowhere, alleyways have become portals to the past, and criminals disappear into thin air. The murder ofDrEfrem Pangyui, the Polis diplomat researching the Continent's past,has begun something andnowwhispers ofan uprising flutter out from invisible corners. Only one woman may be willing to pursue the truth-but it is likely tocost her everything.