Sciences humaines & sociales

  • Anglais Roget's thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

    George Davidson

  • Anglais Paris - the secret history

    Andrew Hussey

  • Anglais The looming tower: al qaeda's road to 9/11

    Lawrence Wright


    Jonathan Safran Foer

  • Anglais Ill fares the land

    Tony Judt

  • Anglais The rule of law

    Tom Bingham

  • Anglais Changing my mind: occasional essays

    Zadie Smith

  • Anglais At the same time

    Susan Sontag

  • Anglais The penguin concise english dictionary

    Robert Allen

  • Anglais War games: the story of aid and war in modern times

    Linda Polman

  • Anglais The ascent of money

    Niall Ferguson


    Noam Chomsky

  • Anglais Whoops !: why everyone owes everyone and no one can pay

    John Lanchester

  • Anglais The hammer and the cross: a new history of the vikings

    Robert Ferguson

  • Anglais The world is flat

    Thomas L. Friedman